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Being a SaaS Provider

The 24x7 availability and the security of your IoT/Cloud Applications will be important to your SaaS Customers.

Offering Your
SaaS Application on the Cloud

We manage the stability and security of your platform on the Cloud, while you develop and enhance your applications for your customers.

The Cloud Platform

As the range of visitors to your SaaS may vary, unpredictable high volume affects the computing and bandwidth of allocated resources.
Capturing and understanding the behaviour of your visitors would help in the scalability of your infrastructure investment.

Network Security

Securing and Protecting your SaaS Application

Other than genuine visitors to your SaaS platform, threats and hackers may visit too.
Correctly identifying and allowing authenticated visitors to access your SaaS platform becomes critical. While the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) may be effective for normal users, this may not apply to hackers and bots.

Service Availability

Keep your SaaS Service
at maximum uptime

Risk Mitigation

The right technology set-up helps to overcome unexpected issues for maximum system reliability.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Restoring your systems to its original state to meet your customers uptime requirements.

Customer Confidence

Robust protection and system coverage provides the assurance of data security, leading to overall customer satisfaction.