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A File Server

Keeping your files within your organization is like having your own vault where only you hold the key.

The Autonomy and Ownership

The Physical Location

where your files are kept, and the direct access to your server physically.

Minimizing the Exposure

which files are shielded from the prying eyes of the online world.

Access your files anywhere

users can access files from within or away from the office.

Full Control & Management

over your documents and how your digital properties are kept.


A compartmentalized location for your users to collaborate, store and retrieve their working files.

Folders Permission

Create different folders with permission according to incumbents' roles and responsibilities.

Protecting Your Data

  • Anti-Ransomware

    Ransomware does not target the big and cash-rich companies only, but also individuals and small businesses randomly.
    The Technology provides multiple protection layers to prohibit Ransomware from modifying the system of your File Server. Such protection saves companies from the loss of important files and data.
  • Version Control

    The technology tracks the historical changes of a file, for example, who made the changes and when, as well as the specific alterations before creating checkpoints to keep the previous versions safe.

    This feature is valuable in situations where data is unintentionally overwritten or being deleted. These previous versions can be kept up to 10 years of records at its' modified timeline.

  • Audit Trail

    The system capture the changes made to a file in real-time. This includes who and its' timestamp accessed to a file in the server, as well as knowing which user added, modified and/or deleted a file.

    This helps an organization to track the file history and to increase the visibility of managing information security.

Work Away from Office

Access Files
Beyond Office Premises

Have your file server be accessible beyond the office premises via internet. Other than the access being protected by a password, its' security can be strengthened by limiting only to the trusted devices.

Securing your files to another location

Safeguard your company data against disaster at the physical location by duplicating a copy to be stored in another location through secured technology.