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Host Your IT Applications on


and customize the settings according to your requirements mirroring your office.

Host No Server for Your IT Applications

A reliable Windows server to host your IT applications without investing into hardware and licenses

CPU Resources

Only subscribe the amount of CPU, RAM and Cloud Storage size you need.

Secure Network

Host your applications at the server which can only be accessible by your organization.

Audit Compliance

For companies focused on gaining stakeholders’ confidence.

Flexibility Resources

Each software application has its own system requirements (i.e., the amount of CPU and RAM).
Begin with minimum requirements and increase CPU and RAM for higher performance when required.

Customizable Security

The flexibility of CoverCloud allows for customization, offering a choice of security protocols to support your business operations.
Start your applications with the minimum requirements and upsize CPU and RAM for higher performance when required.

Customize your CoverCloud

Cloud Server

Windows / Linux


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

DDoS Protection


Disaster Recovery

SLA Maintenance

Customized Helpdesk