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The Centre to support your business operations

Proactive Maintenance

Security Remediation


User Assistance

Smooth & Optimal
System Performance

Maximize the return of your IT investments, to support your evolving business needs, through Covertech’s continual monitoring of your technology utilization with fine-tuning configurations to allocate resources effectively. This ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

System Uptime


Performance Monitoring & Alert Detection

Not all cyber threats display a symptom. As an example, Spyware - stays quietly in the computer background to observe behavior before attacks. Coverdesk monitors these and takes the necessary steps to mitigate any potential impact, preventing disruptions to business operations.

Threat Actor


User Assistance

When you contact Coverdesk, we will direct you to the the right specialist to address and resolve your issue.

Remote Assistance

Enabling CoverDesk engineer to remotely access user's device to diagnose and resolve issues directly.

Live Chat

Offering real-time chat support to address immediate concerns and provide instant assistance.

Onsite Support

Covertech offers on premise support for your IT system that require physical attention.

Ticketing Portal

Covertech tracks every reported IT issue, creating a repository of historical data captured for analysis and problem solving.
By examining the data, our engineers can identify patterns, trends, and recurring issues, empowering them to address root causes and implement system enhancements. This proactive approach helps improve overall system performance and ensure long-term stability.