Wordpress / Joomla Optimized Server

Security, Backup, Speed Optimization. Leave it all to us!

  • Ultra Fast SSD Drive
  • 100 Mbps Bandwidth
  • Daily Backup
  • Ready for PHP 7

Wordpress / Joomla Ready

Speed-Up Technology

Yootheme SiteBuilder

FREE https:// Comodo SSL

Everything you need to run your website.

WordPress / Joomla help you to build a powerful website with little HTML/CSS knowledge needed. Other than the hosting was optimized for Wordpress/Joomla, our engineer will assist you to install Wordpress and the themes. You can start to build your website instantly with drag, drop and click.
Full SSD
Hard disk
Daily Backup
Wordpress Auto
Speeding Technology
Full SSD
Wordpress /
Joomla ready
cPanel® / Plesk®
100 Mbps Banwidth
Error log enabled
Helpdesk Support
Multiple devices
calendar support
Wordpress | Joomla
Setup Fee
Disk Space
20 GB
Data Transfer
100 GB
Email accounts
Comodo SSL https://
Script Checker

Providing All Your Needs
for Building a WordPress Website

Automatic Setup & Updates

WordPress and Joomla are the ready platform to build beautiful and professional website with no HTML and CSS programming knowledge needed. Upon making order, our Helpdesk will prepare you the hosting with either Wordpress or Joomla installed at your choice. You may start to build right immediate after you have received the login information from us..

Ultra Fast SSD Storage

We have designed hardware infrastructure to boost the performance for WordPress and Joomla. Both systems are heavily rely on database's IOPs; in another word, the performance of the hard-drive is greatly affecting the browsing experience of your visitor. The Wordpress and Joomla hosting was optimized from the hardware and software perspective for better users experience.

Mega Bandwidth

Each Wordpress/Joomla account is at 100Mbps bandwidth. Smooth traffic will not allow provide smmoth browsing experience to visitors, it will also facilitate when you promote any SEO related marketing activities.

SSL for Website Safety and Reliability

SSL is a protocol to protect the data transmitted between your website and visitors' to prevent potent malware attacks, intrusions, loss of data, and abuse. It was commonly used by millions big websites, and now we would like to offer you the special deal of SSL certificates upon you sign up the Wordpress / Joomla hosting from us.

Free Automatic Backup Feature

Your Wordpress/Joomla hosting will be automatically backed up once a day with 7 days retention. When trouble comes up, you can easily restore your site with one click. Of course, you can still do manual backups in your own time, but at least you can be reassured while working on your site.

In general, our server will backup itself every night to keep all data files offsite.

Helpdesk Support

For those who want to deliver content to a global audience, Z.com for WordPress offers multiple data center locations in Tokyo, Singapore, and the United States. You can pay in Singapore dollars and communicate with our support teams in English, no matter what data center you choose.

And some more features for you...

  • "phpMyAdmin" for managing your database online
  • "Error Log" for checking nginx and PHP errors from the last 5 days
  • "Cache system" with cash clear and system off features




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