All server comes with


SitePad Web Design

Dedicated Firewall Guarded



*per year

Facbook activity

  • 10GB Diskspace
  • 50GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • -
  • -
  • 1 MYSQL Databases
  • 10 Email Accounts



*per year


  • 50GB Diskspace
  • 500GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5 Add-on domains
  • 25 sub domains
  • 10 MYSQL Databases
  • 20 Email Accounts



*per year

1 FREE Domain
(TLD .com,. net, .org)

  • 150GB Diskspace
  • 15,000GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 20 Add-On domains
  • 50 Sub Domains
  • 20 MYSQL Databases
  • 100 Email Accounts



*per year

1 FREE Domain
(TLD .com,. net, .org)
SSL Certificate

  • 300GB Diskspace
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

What's inside a hosting?


Creating email accounts, forwarding, auto respond to customers when you are on holidays, as well as grouping the incoming emails to the appropriate folder automatically. The hosting offers BoxTrapper, Apache SpamAssassin, and email authentication for highest security.

Domain Name

You can build 2 different websites on top of 2 different domain names with a single hosting. If you have a few companies, the Add-on domain feature offers the ability to partition the hosting to maximize your investment.


Do you know you can also synchronize calendar(s) across your devices? You can also share calendars with all/specific colleagues at your control.


Virus & Malware

Virus and spyware are mostly spreading through emails. The hosting performs realtime screening everytime when there was an incoming file, document or email.

Security and Updates

The email server receives updates from time to time, to ensure it is not vulnerable to hacker, spam and virus. Together with server managing, we tweak the server to securely connect to Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android and others after each updates.

SitePad Web Builder

SitePad Web Builder is included in all hosting plan. It is a "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" wizard and any user could choose beautiful framework to build a website with click and drop.

Script Checker

One of the disadvantage in a server sharing environment is if one users have uploaded a defect programming script, it will paralyze the your hosting too. To resolve this, our server equips with script Vulnerability Checker, to detect the defect scripts and to suspend its activities.

Hardware Firewall

The hosting is protected by a hardware firewall with dual layer protection. It screens all incoming email and to reduce spam email before it reaches your mailbox.

Disaster Recovery

All hosting servers are Auto Mirroring (AM) itself to a Secondary Server to prevent hardware failure, as well as creating a contigency backup for unforseen problem, such as ransomware and viruses.

Dedicated Helpdesk

(only RM180 per year!)

technician support
dedicated to serve
friendly decussion
If you need any help with your email, such as setting up emails in your computer, troubleshooting or any related to the solutions, you can subcribe to our Dedicated Helpdesk and our engineers will assist you accordingly.

Wordpress / Joomla


What make Wordpress and Joomla so famous is large amount of powerful modules and extensions developed by the public developers at a very affortable rate. In order to add-on these modules, we will be configuring these necessary requirements to be installed from time to time. Hence we Optimizing the hosting for faster speed will result better SEO score, and better user experience for the visitors on your website.


and Add-On

You need a corporate email to brand your business yet looking for budget one? Let us help you! You can upgrade your hosting when your team has grown. We offer plenty add-ons to strengthen your experience to your online communication and business. Such as Dedicated Helpdesk, SSL, Backup, Wordpress optimised and more!

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Copyright 2008 - 2017 @ Coverage Technologies Sdn Bhd.
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